Air Treatment

Moisture is always present and it’s damaging to pneumatics

Ambient air contains water and when its compressed it results to condensation, making moisture unavoidable. That’s why its important to ensure your investment is protected by a dependable refrigeration dryer system. Q-Air has a vast range of air purification equipment to sell, hire or lease, ranging from refrigeration dryers, inline filtration, desiccant dryers, breathing air packs, regulators and lubricators all ranging from sizes 0.1m3/min to 300m3/min.
All equipment comes with a fully engineered sizing schematic to ensure you receive the right equipment for its application.
KAESER dryers are designed to reliably remove moisture from compressed air while minimising energy consumption. Q-Air’s extensive range of stocked models make it possible to install and deliver the most suitable dryer to meet consumer needs.
Removing moisture from compressed air is essential to avoid costly breakdowns during the height of a production schedule.

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